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Men and Their Shed’s – A photographic book and the stories from the men.

‘Men and Their ’s’ As seen on channel GO! in the TV series Manspace TV

‘Men and Their Shed’s’ book goes on sale August 1st across Australia.

“because a man’s place isn’t in the home” but in the shed!

There is very private relationship between a man and his shed.

For a man’s shed, however uninviting, is a place to shelter not just from the rain but also from the ups and downs of daily life.

It is as much a mental as a physical hideaway, as it is a place to create or fix things around the house.

The idea of this project was to showcase the very private relationship between a man and his shed. Generally speaking a shed is a structure with a roof on top that is used as storage space or a workshop. What I discovered was far more unique. The type of sheds the men own are diverse. This diversity happens because it really is the owner who defines the shed’s true sense and purpose. And because no two people are alike, I found that no two sheds were alike.

Among the discord of chaos – the expanse of screws, nuts, bolts and other miscellaneous things – the men found order.

But the specific purpose of any men’s shed is of minimal importance. Be it hosting carpentry or engine repair the core function is identical.

It is a place to daydream, perchance to snooze.

It is escapism from the grind of what might loosely be called life.

It is sanctuary.

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