Monday the 15th of August I had one of the most amazing experiences.  I had an interview with one of Victoria most popular radio hosts Clare Bowditch on ABC 774 Melbourne.  I have had many radio interviews in the past but what makes this one so special how relaxed she made me feel.  It was like having a conversation on the couch with a friend.  The radio studio was dark but homely subtle lighting and warm.  Clare clearly had reviewed my book and continually brought out gems of the quote in which I recorded from several of the in the book.

The support that I have received through out this journey has been overwhelming.  The comments about my openness and sincerity in the radio interview has left me speechless.  I hope everyone can take away that communication with an open discussion about your feelings your health both mental or physical is so vitally important.

Here is the audio form this interview.

Here is an article on ABC News regarding my interview.